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Category: Email

What is the Gmail 69585 Bounce Error?

Let’s face it. Google is a big black box and they like it that way. Whether you’re trying to crack their Page Rank algo or just figure out why your email campaigns aren’t sending there aren’t always clear cut answers. I spent hours researching and sifting through Google’s support looking […]

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How To Create an Alternative EMail Address for Cold Emails

If you send cold emails or are planning to in the future, it’s time to set up a new email address on a new domain.  If you’re curious about deliverability, check out this post we wrote on the subject. When you decide to ramp up your volume of cold emails, […]

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7 Day Cold Email Crash Course [FREE]

  A lot of our clients find their way to Replyify by looking for an alternative to sending email from a CRM. There are a lot of reasons why you wouldn’t want to do this and most folks who haven’t been trained on how to set up an efficient top […]

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You Can’t Cold Email with MailChimp

I make it a point to participate in as many sales calls as my calendar allows and always ask which technology our clients were using before switching to Replyify. Surprisingly, a lot of folks have been trying to use MailChimp but struggling with keeping their account in good standing.  After some […]

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Cold Emailer’s Guide To Email Deliverability

tl;dr – there is no silver bullet for getting your emails out of the spam/promotions folder and into the primary inbox.  An SEO expert will give you a similar answer when asked about how to rank on page 1 of Google.  There is always a process involved and we’ll cover […]

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Cold Email Templates That Work

One of the most common questions I get at Replyify is…..”How do I write effective cold emails that get opens, clicks, and meetings booked for my sales team?” My response is usually, something like….”well, what are you sending now?” and I follow this up with, “how’s that been working for […]

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How To Manage Replies to Your Cold EMails

Keeping your sales pipeline full with leads is hard work. It never ends and you can’t get lazy. When I think of personality traits that lead to success in sales, a few come to mind like: Courage – asking a difficult question or saying ‘no’ by qualifying someone out. Curiosity […]

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Write Cold Emails Drunk (edit sober)

The most efficient way to maintain a consistently full sales pipeline is to run an outbound campaign that includes an automated sequence of activities like cold email sequence, followups, phone calls, voice mails and social selling. If you write emails for work, you are a copywriter.  Copywriting is the secret […]

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How to Get a Meeting With Anyone

  How to Get a Meeting With Anybody in 2019 In business, the outcome of a meeting could change your life.  A new investor, a new partner, a new client or even a new job is out there for you to find.  With close to 500 million members and growing, […]

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