How to Craft Subject Lines for Networking Emails That Actually Get Opened

Between work and personal lives, inboxes are overflowing.

Scanning the subject line of emails is a quick litmus test to decide if something is important enough to open or not. 

When you are the one sending a networking email it is important to create a subject line that will make the reader want to open the email and read what you have to say. Getting someone to open a networking email is more than half the battle.

Why A Good Networking Email Subject Line is Important

Statistics on email opening rates, click rates, and bounce rates seem to paint a dismal picture at first glance. Recent numbers show that the average rate across all industries at which a marketing email is opened is just under 17%. There is a spread with some industries having more success than others, but overall, at least two out of three people are not opening marketing emails.

This might make it seem like email marketing efforts are not worth your time. This isn’t true. While the majority of people will seemingly ignore marketing emails, that doesn’t mean they aren’t gleaning information from the subject lines. Despite the low opening rate, it is estimated that for every $1 that is spent on marketing emails, a business will make $42. This tells us that email does sell goods. Even when emails are not opened, they are conveying a message. This is why networking email subject lines require thought.

A Good Subject Line Gets You in the Door

Email is similar to door-to-door sales in that you are pitching a product in the offices of potential customers. You don’t have to brave the weather or walk neighborhoods, but you are taking a message to someone instead of having them come to you.

A catchy subject line will get people to “open the door”, or in this case, open your email. You can be sharing the most vital information in the history of the world and it will not matter if recipients aren’t reading what you have to say. Effective subject lines will pique the recipient’s interest and will also be the introduction to what you have to say.

The Benefits of Good Networking Email Subject Lines

Networking email subject lines can convey a lot in a few words. When they are well crafted, they will create a good first (or second) impression. They can also set the tone for what the relationship will be like moving forward.

A strong networking email subject line will convey your seriousness and also make it clear that your email doesn’t belong in the spam folder. The subject line and networking email can also set a precedent for good communication, which will bolster a potential relationship. A timely follow-up email demonstrates your ability to communicate effectively and efficiently. A strong subject line will kick off a positive assumption about you.

A networking email subject line is also beneficial if you are hoping to quickly spark someone’s recognition. You can use a subject line to remind someone that this isn’t your first interaction. Build on what you have already started and mention a shared interest you once discussed, a mutual connection, attendance at the same networking events, or a business card exchange in your subject line. People are more likely to open emails if they already know someone, even if it was a brief interaction.

We all like to feel good about ourselves. Subject lines can be used to flatter your recipient and increase the odds of them opening your email. You can mention a publication you read of theirs, positive information about them in the news, a successful product launch, and so much more in networking email subject lines. Concise subject lines that show you know about someone’s successes can quickly establish enough goodwill to kindle the other party’s interest.

The largest benefit of a great subject line for a networking email is that it will increase the odds that your email will get opened. If you are sending an email, then you want it to be read; we don’t write emails for fun with recipients as an afterthought. Email subject lines will make your job much easier or much more difficult depending on how well you can use them.

Examples of Networking Email Subject Lines

There are countless ways to catch the attention of a reader in their inbox. Simple subject lines can convey a lot of information. There are different successful categories of email subject lines that will increase the odds of your networking email being read. The following subject line examples can convince a complete stranger to open your email.

Personalized Subject Lines

Using a recipient’s name will quickly grab their attention. Our own names stick out to us and can draw our attention in a sea of unopened emails. Here are some examples:

  • Hey David!
  • Ji-Su, This Service Could Benefit You
  • This Will Interest You, Jorge
  • This Offer Won’t Last Forever, Macy


If you have talked to someone already and want them to remember the connection you have already made, mention it briefly in the subject line:

  • A Follow-up to Last Night’s Dinner Conversation
  • About our Chat at the Women in Business Networking Event
  • Let’s Continue Where We Left Off
  • I Enjoyed Our Previous Conversation


If you are sharing information that is time sensitive, make that known in the subject line. Craft a short line that conveys urgency:

  • Let’s Talk Before Your Decision on Wednesday
  • Stock is Low, Buy Before We Sell Out!
  • We Only Have Six Spots Left!
  • Your Price Quote Will Expire in Two Days!

Mutual Acquaintance

Networking opportunities often arise when you have a mutual connection. If you believe you have a possible connection with someone, mention it in your networking email subject line:

  • Nidhi Patil Said to Reach Out
  • Heidi Smith Highly Recommends You
  • Bruce Gave Me Your Contact Information

Upcoming Event

If you are hosting or attending an event, a quick email invitation or reminder can increase the chances of networking:

  • Dental Student Networking Event on Saturday!
  • Will I See You on Thursday?
  • Supply Chain Round Table–Can We Chat There?
  • Don’t Forget to Attend Monday’s Conference

Introductory Emails

If you believe that the person you are emailing doesn’t know much about you or your company, a simple introductory networking email subject line can lead to a genuine connection:

  • I’m Also a Boise State Alumni
  • Hello From Timothy Cantor
  • Can I Offer You Cabinet Installation Products?


Flattery is a quick way to warm up a potential client or connection. Starting with a direct reference to an achievement or recent event is a great way to start a new networking relationship:

  • I am a Big Fan of Your Recent Article in National Geographic
  • Your Seminar at the Small Business Owner Seminar was Engaging
  • Your Blog Post Really Resonated With Me
  • I Want To Know More From You, An Industry Expert

Common Interest

If you know that you share a common interest with someone, it is a good rule to mention that in your subject line. People enjoy talking about things they’re passionate about and interested in. If you show that you share an interest and that it is the point of your email, you are more likely to have your email opened. Directly reference it in your networking email subject line:

  • I Want to Connect About the Environment
  • Can We Exchange Ideas About Advances in Farming Techniques?
  • I Would Love to Connect Over The Impact of Inflation on Rent Prices
  • I Share Your Basketball Opinions From Your Recent Post.

There are countless ways to grab a recipient’s attention. If you are sending out a large networking campaign email, then your subject line will need to be more generic. If you are hoping to connect with one individual or a small team, then make your networking email subject line more personal and engaging.

Keep in mind that the same subject line that worked with one connection might not work with another. You can re-use wording but you might need to tweak the original subject line to appeal to a different audience. Brainstorm new ideas, look for subject line examples online, or use a subject line checker.

According to research across multiple industries, the optimal character limit of a subject line is 43.85 characters. It is best to keep them shorter rather than longer. You want to convey an idea that will draw someone’s attention, but you don’t want your subject line to be your entire message. We all have a relative who sends us emails with multiple-sentence-long subject lines. It is endearing if it is someone we love, but a death knell for networking emails.

How Automation Can Take Networking Emails to the Next Level

How will you know if the subject line you created is working? An email analysis system will generate feedback that will provide you with up-to-date feedback on what is working and what isn’t. The same system can also help create subject lines. There are many benefits to using an email analysis program.

Personalized Subject Lines

Email marketing systems have a lot of features that help make sending emails much easier. One of them is automated personalized emails. The system can pull contact information and change the recipient’s name for each email subject line in a mass networking email campaign. This makes sending sales emails with a personal touch easy.

More than just a recipient’s name can be auto-filled. Other information, such as job title, company name, and mutual connection information can also be imported and changed in the body of each email. This tool reaches beyond the subject line and has a positive impact on the messages you are sending as well.

There are some issues that can happen with auto-personalization. If data was entered by the recipient and there are spelling errors, then those errors will be perpetuated in the subject line. If someone puts in a family member’s name instead of their own, that name will autofill. Most of the time this won’t create major issues, but it is important to know a potential downside of this method of email personalization.

Email Statistics

A wealth of information can be gathered by using a networking email service that tracks vital statistics. Not only will there be stats about how many emails are opened and by who, but you can also be notified the exact moment that an email is opened so you know when a recipient has read your message. This allows you to send a responsive and timely follow-up.

Data about click rates, bounces, and conversions from clicks to sales are also gathered to paint a detailed picture of what exactly is happening with each email that is sent.

You can track in real-time how effective your networking email subject lines are in getting your messages read. It won’t take long for you to get a snapshot of what networking subject lines are intriguing and which ones get deleted before they’re even opened. This can vary depending on the industry, so it is helpful to have personalized feedback and not generalized information.

Ease of Use

Email assisting programs are simple to incorporate into the email server you already use. You don’t need to create new email addresses or email recipient lists because most major networking email programs will integrate effortlessly into the email domain you use without any IT assistance.

Automated Follow Up and Reminders

A good networking email campaign will result in building relationships. Part of cultivating relationships is knowing when and how to follow up. You can create follow-up email sequences that will automatically send out emails on the days you have assigned them to.

You can take the follow-up automation a step further and set up brakes that will halt your sequence if you get a response. This way you won’t keep sending automated emails to someone who is communicating with you. Automation can hurt networking efforts if it isn’t checked when necessary. You don’t want to come across as anything but genuinely interested, so it is best to jump in and set automation aside once you have established a mutual connection. Keep in mind, you can also manually halt communication if you receive a response that isn’t through email.

Make Email Networking Work Better For You

Networking is essential in today’s business world. An email subject line is often what will persuade someone to open or not open an email. A well-crafted email subject line will quickly make an introduction that will generate more business.

Employing a system to monitor the effectiveness of your networking email subject lines will help you get better and optimize your results. Replyify offers a cold call and automation email service that provides the tools you need for data collection, networking and follow-up email automation. It also has information that will tell you if your subject line works. Use the chat feature on Replyify’s home page to learn more or sign up for a free account today.