7 Day Cold Email Crash Course [FREE]


A lot of our clients find their way to Replyify by looking for an alternative to sending email from a CRM.

There are a lot of reasons why you wouldn’t want to do this and most folks who haven’t been trained on how to set up an efficient top of the funnel sales process struggle to get started.

So, we built an email based sales prospecting and cold email crash course to help in our onboarding process.

You can sign up for the FREE sales course using this link.

Over the next 7 days, you’ll receive one email per day covering topics like:

  • How to identify the best prospect segments to search.
  • How to create targeted prospects lists and verified emails using tools like SellHack.
  • How to write a cold email campaign sequence with our templates and brainstorming doc.
  • How to get a free, upgraded Replyify trial.
  • How to set up your first campaign and warm up your email account.
  • How to create A/B tests and optimize your campaigns.

Sign up for the FREE Cold Email course here.

Sign up for our FREE Cold Email Crash Course. You'll receive 1 actionable email a day for 7 days. http://bit.ly/7daycoldemailcourse Click To Tweet

This Cold Email Course has daily action items you can complete in a few minutes to prepare for the next lesson.  Don’t get stuck in the paralysis by analysis just because you’re new to cold email and don’t know what to do.

This course is a fast start to becoming a cold email expert in 7 days.  After that, it’s all about consistency to ensure predictable revenue for your organization.

Cold email works well for any company selling a B2B product/service with an Inside Sales team of 1 or 100. We have a proven track record building sales enablement tech since 2014 for CEOs, Consultants, Business Owners, Coaches, VP’s of Sales, Sales Development Reps, Business Development, Demand Generation or anyone responsible for prospecting and revenue generation.

ps – If you’re new to Replyify, we’re a B2B sales platform to automate personalized cold emails & follow-ups generating a consistent pipeline of leads sent directly to your inbox and CRM.

Replyify connects directly to the end user’s email account (GSuite, Office365, GMail or any SMTP/IMAP). This ensures your emails so always get delivered even though they are automated.

B2B sales teams who aren’t using a platform like Replyify are likely making 1 of 3 critical mistakes that lead to inefficient and inconsistent pipeline generation.

  1. You can’t cold email with other traditional marketing automation systems like Mailchimp as it violates their TOS.
  2. Using your CRM to cold email can hurt your deliverability and get your cold emails flagged as spam because the messages are sent via a mail relay.
  3. Account Executives should spend their time working on deals, not digging through their inbox/CRM to follow-up (or forget to follow-up) with prospects.

Here’s that link again to the FREE Cold Email Course.  Enjoy!

The Replyify Team