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Fact: Email subject lines will never be perfect for every snowflake on your email list. Looking at my own inbox, there are emails I delete because they just reek of desperation. I analyzed over 1,100 emails from my personal ‘good cold email’  folder in gmail and found that the MOST […]

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How to Craft Subject Lines for Networking Emails That Actually Get Opened

Between work and personal lives, inboxes are overflowing. Scanning the subject line of emails is a quick litmus test to decide if something is important enough to open or not.  When you are the one sending a networking email it is important to create a subject line that will make […]

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Top 10 Cold Email Examples that Deliver Results

Outbound B2B sales is competitive, and it takes a resilient, systematic, and value-driven professional to win. You must maximize each phase of the sales funnel to guide the prospect toward making a favorable buying decision. However, one of the essential components of the sales process is building relationships at the […]

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Cold Email Subject Lines

Cold Email Subject Lines: How To Make Sure Yours Stands Out   Writing cold emails can be daunting, but knowing how to do it in an effective way that keeps your email from ending up in the spam folder is key. There are many important parts when it comes to writing […]

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