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Author: marcus

How to Cold Message on LinkedIn

How to Cold Message on LinkedIn: Tips and Tricks You Need to Know     Are you tired of searching for jobs without luck or looking for customers and not getting conversions? You may want to learn how to cold message on LinkedIn. The platform makes it easy to send […]

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LinkedIn InMail Examples

LinkedIn InMail messages is an internal messaging system for LinkedIn members.  A premium account holder can directly message another LinkedIn member even if they are not connected to them. A basic account holder can only message members that they are connected to. LinkedIn members can choose not to receive InMail […]

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linkedin xray

LinkedIn X-Ray Searches: 3 Free Tools To Find Your Audience As of February 2022, LinkedIn can claim a global membership of 810 million members with over 57 million companies and 120 thousand schools. That is a large number of potential contacts. It may seem like an insurmountable task to use […]

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LinkedIn connection message

LinkedIn Connection Message Guide and Templates to Grow Your Network LinkedIn is a site where social media meets networking where many of its users make connections that can lead to jobs. You may have used job boards to find jobs on the internet before. You may not know that thousands […]

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LinkedIn Lead Generation

If your B2B company needs qualified leads, LinkedIn offers one of the best platforms for generating leads. LinkedIn has been the number one site for B2B marketing for several years, and there’s no sign of that ever-changing. LinkedIn features hundreds of millions of users in decision-making positions at their companies, […]

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